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How to Measure Laptop Size

How to Measure Laptop Size

Are you looking for how to measure laptop size? Knowing the right size of the laptop will be helpful when you need it most because often, we take our laptops to our offices, schools, and workplaces. If you haven’t the right size laptop, it would be difficult for you to carry a laptop. 

In this article, you will learn how to measure laptop screen size; First of all, the size of a laptop is measured in inches diagonally. Hold a measuring tape and place it on the bottom right corner to the top left corner. This measured size is your laptop display.

Standard laptop size:

The standard laptop size available in the market is 13 and 15 inches. There are many also like 11.6,14.1,12 and 17 inches. 

Step by step guide for how to measure laptop size

Here is the step by step guide to measure a laptop size.

Step-1: Grab a common tape measure

Firstly, you will have to get a standard tape measure. Screen sizes are often measured in inches, and standard tape measures also have inches on one side. But if there are no inches, don’t worry; you can also convert it after taking measurements. Let’s move next step.

Step-2: choose starting measuring point

Screen sizes are always measured diagonally. You must begin from the top left display corner and end with the diagonal corner, which is the bottom right display corner. No other like the center of the screen etc., is the right way to measure.

Step-3: Note down your measurements

When you’ve defined the size of your screen, make a note of it so you don’t forget. You won’t need to convert anything if you’ve measured in inches. However, if you have measured in different measurements, converting the unit to inches is better.

Now there is a question that arises, why do we need to convert these measurements into inches. So here, when we talk about screen size, it is common to mark screen sizes in inches. The measures would be inches, whether it is a laptop screen, a PC, or even an LCD TV screen.


Step-4: Converting cm to inch

If your screen size measurements are not in inches, then here is a formula, by using this formula, you can easily convert your measurements in inches:

1 inch = 2.54 cm

For example, if your screen is 35 cm long, you’ll need to divide that by 2.54 cm to get inches. 13.3 inches = 2.54 cm (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters).

If your screen size measurements are in inches, then ignore this step. All these above steps are used for how to measure laptop size.

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Measuring the height of laptop:

After you’ve defined the size of your screen, you’ll need to know your body height, also known as laptop body thickness, height of a laptop.

  1. Close your laptop screen
  2. Start measuring near the bottom of one of the sides
  3. Measure the thickest section of your laptop when it is closed. Laptop’s thickness never is more than 2 inches.
  4. The thickness of the laptop is also measured in inches. If your measurements are not in inches, convert your measurements into inches by using the formula given above.

Measuring the depth of laptop:

Step-1: Start measuring at the end left or right corner.

Step-2: From the backside of the laptop, measure straight down the side. If there are any rounded corners, make sure you measure to the finish.

Step-3: Inches to millimeters conversion (if needed). If you only have inches and need to know the depth in centimeters, multiply the inches by 2.54 to get the centimeter measurement.

A 14-inch-deep laptop, for example, measures 30.5 cm (14 x 2.54 = 35.56).

Follow all these steps correctly for how to measure laptop size.

Why laptop size is important?

The sizes of laptops are always essential to carry a laptop, to buy a laptop bag for easiness. You may obtain the right laptop size in rare situations only to discover that your laptop does not readily fit into the laptop bag.

However, be sure to include the screen in the measurement. You won’t get the proper thickness if you measure the bottom half of your laptop.

Another way to measure Laptop Dimensions

You can measure laptop dimensions by following the below steps:

Step 1) Open control panel, and then go to system and security as suggested in below image

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Step 2) Then click on system as suggested in image below

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Step 3) Finally copy the model number and search on Google

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Step 4) Here is your result from Google

how to measure laptop size by

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