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How to charge Laptop battery manually

How to charge Laptop battery manually

This article will cover the steps regarding how to charge laptop battery manually without a charger, so keep reading till the end. I will show you four methods to charge your Laptop battery manually. The first method is to charge your Laptop with USB. If your laptop comes with an inbuilt USB-C port, you don’t have to worry because it means that the laptop can be charged using a USB cable, but what is a USB-C port. Let us understand the working of all USB ports. 

Make sure you have the correct gear before you start learning how to charge laptop battery manually. Most laptops nowadays only operate with the chargers that come with them.

As a result, some information may not be applicable to you in such circumstances. Similarly, if your laptop has a built-in battery, manually charging it is impossible. Let’s get this party started.

How to charge Laptop battery manually without a charger

Below are the methods to charge laptop battery manually without having a charger.

1. Charge Laptop battery by USB port

how to charge laptop battery manually by 100laptops.comA laptop comes with different types of USB ports. The first type of USB port is the USB-A port. Anyone who is using a wired mouse or keyboard is using a USB-A port. When you unplug your mouse, you’ll find a rectangular connector that’s at the cord’s end. This connector is a typical USB-A port connector and is often used by people who charge their cell phones through the USB. However, it isn’t capable of charging the laptop.

Now let us discuss the other type of USB port, which is the USB-C port. This USB connector is revered for its high wattage connectivity; as such, it can easily transfer enough power at faster speeds to effectively recharge your laptop. You can charge your laptop with a type-C USB connector; however, you require a charging cable with a suitable plug adapter – an adapter is a box-shaped plug that you often see towards the end of the smartphone’s charger. 

First, plug one end of your USB-C cord into the main power outlet and then plug the remaining end into your laptop. You will be good to done and ready to catch up with your pals back at home. 

2. Charge laptop battery by car

how to charge laptop battery manually by 100laptops.comThe second method is to charge your laptop in the car. Yes, you read it correctly if you are looking at how to charge laptop battery manually. How is this possible to charge your laptop in the car. It is the easiest thing that you can do. You’ll be surprised that cars have electricity. Once you have the car, you can take advantage of and use the power that it produces. 

However, you require two things to have a successful experience. One is the data cable – the data cable should have a USB type-A connector from one end and a USB Type-C connector to the next end. And the second thing is the vehicle’s USB charger that you can find in your car. Once you have ensured that these two things are in place, you should follow these simple steps to charge your laptop.

  1. Turn on the car engine
  2. Plugin your data cable’s USB-A connector to the car’s charging port
  3. Now plug in the other USB-C connector to your laptop
  4. Your laptop should pick up and charge

3. Charge Laptop battery by Power Bank

how to charge laptop battery manually by power bank by 100laptops.comThe third method is charging your laptop with the power bank. You can also charge your laptop using a power bank, which is one of the easiest ways to resort to it at any time. Even better, power banks are a common sight in today’s streets too.

However, you must confirm that your power bank has the suitable capacity to charge your laptop. Once you have done this, you’ll only need to connect the power bank to your laptop; while the Taipei power banks can charge less powerful laptops, you will require Type-C power banks for the more powerful laptops.

4. Charge Laptop battery by Solar Power

how to charge laptop battery manually by solar power by 100laptops.comIf you have a solar charging kit, you won’t have to waste time looking for the proper outlet to charge your device. Along with its efficiency, it also protects your gadget from the risk of high-voltage harm. A foldable solar panel and a battery pack are included in a solar kit. 

In general, laptops are not compatible with solar chargers. As a result, you must first charge the battery pack to its maximum capacity before connecting the laptop to it. A good solar charger can charge a laptop up to three times in one single charge.


Batteries have a life cycle. When its cycle ends, it starts degrading because its charging capacity becomes low. Life charge also shortens by your carelessness like frequently charging and discharging.

So, for extended battery life, use your laptop with care, like put the charger on when the battery remains 15 percent and put it off when it charges up to 95 percent. In this way, you can increase your battery life.

So, I hope you have gotten enough information regarding how to charge laptop battery manually. Still, if you have any questions, let us know by emailing us through the Contact Us page.

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